Monday, November 26, 2007

Do You Have a Working Assets Cell Phone?

I'm thinking about switching over to a Working Assets cell phone plan, which they are now calling CREDO Mobile. I like the idea of supporting a socially conscious phone company, but ultimately your phone has to work, right? Nothing is more annoying than dropped calls and cell phone customer service.

If you've used Working Assets cell phone service/Credo Mobile, I'd like to hear about your experiences.



  1. I've been with Working Assets for five years and love it; there are occasional dropped calls, but nothing too distressing (they use the Sprint airwaves). My kids wish there was more of a phone selection, but I'm happy with what they offer, and the customer service is wonderful (I just was on the phone with them today to order unlimited texting for my daughter--who had over 1,000 text messages last month! The guy I spoke with was kind and patient and helpful; every time I call, they start out by thanking me for my over five years of service, which I think is a very sweet touch. Plus of course I love the fact that part of every bill goes to great causes, and they use recycled paper on the bills--or you can ask for web billing and skip the paper all together!)


  2. Anonymous1:01 PM

    I've been with Credo / Working Assets over a year, and love them. They have really polite and nice customer service too :)

  3. Anonymous8:32 PM

    I've been with Working Assets for years and years. Service is just fine, customer service is quite good and choices of cell phones have improved dramatically over the years.
    What I particularly like is the fact that they listen to requests.

    When I got a new Prius, I found I could do hands free calls if I had Bluetooth. W.A. didn't offer Bluetooth, but when I asked about it they said, "Yeah, lots of people are asking about it. You should check back in a few months, I bet we'll get it." The rep was they do have it.

    Prices on phones and on service are good. I don't notice a lot of dropped calls, but I'm not a phone freak, so I may not be the best testimonial on that front.


  4. That all sounds pretty good to me. I think you all have sold me on it (:

  5. Anonymous9:56 AM

    I was in a conversation with a colleague about just this the other day. Looking at the plans, I'd spend way more per month on Credo/Working Assets than I currently do. I'd rather simply donate more to causes I care about than hope Working Assets does so for the 1% of the phone bill.

    Again, nothing against them, but that 1% donation isn't a draw if I'd be paying them more than 101% of what I currently pay.

  6. Interesting point. I haven't gotten to comparing my present plan with theirs yet. On the other hand, sometimes it is worth it to pay a little more to support a socially responsible business.

  7. anyone able to compare the credo service area to verizon? i'm considering the switch since the price is the same and credo obviously is trying much harder than anyone else to "be good". if the coverage is similar it'll be a slam dunk decision to switch but so far it seems like verizon is above the rest of the field in terms of coverage in rural and mountain areas. anyone got any insight?


  8. Good question, James. We have Verizon now, we used to have Sprint, and we definitely had more dropped calls with Sprint - and we live in Oakland! That was 2-3 years ago though, so maybe Sprint has improved.

  9. Anonymous11:32 AM

    I had Verizon for a couple of years before switching to Credo. Sorry to say, Verizon's signal is stronger almost everywhere I go in the Midwest. I am frustrated by Credo's reliance on the Sprint network. I cannot regularly use my phone from inside a building! This has caused me headaches more than once.

    I'm a long time Working Assets customer but man, I wish they had cut a deal with a better provider!

  10. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Just a thought... The reason CREDO doesn't try to join with Verizon is because they are adamantly against Verizon and AT&T for helping George W. illegally wiretap. Again, is it worth it to support a worthy cause? I think so. Also, you can always return your phone w/in 30 days if it just isn't working out for you!

  11. I've been with Credo Wireless for about 9 months now. I have not had much trouble with dropped calls with them, except when I'm in an area where the signal is weak (I live in a house with aluminium siding). Before I switched I was with Cingular, and had many more dropped calls than I do with CW.

  12. Elizabeth Kansas9:36 PM

    I love Credo, most of their plans are quite competitive.

    It's not just the 1% plus ....ALOT of 1% adds up

    They want others to know about issues and they recycle as well and everytime I've ever called I've gotten a credo rep that was more then helpful

    I was with Verizon and ATT I'd gladly pay a tiny more then to ever have to talk to one of their agents again or have their compant.

    I mean really have you looked and the shit ATT and Verizon have given too? MILLIONS of dollars to politicans...and companies who pollute.

    It's sick. More companies should be like Credo

  13. Thanks for sharing your experience, Elizabeth!

  14. I would really love to switch to Credo, but I've had such horrible service from Sprint over the last 4 years that I really need to have a more reliable phone. I can't currently use my phone in my own home!

  15. Anonymous9:09 PM

    I've been a Working Assets credit card holder and cell phone user for at least a few years now. I was turned on to them for the reasons already mentioned: the company donates to social/political justice organizations. As we speak, I'm researching other cell phone companies now because my 2-year phone contract is coming to a close, and I've been wondering if I have been paying way too much for phone service simply for the perk of having Credo do something I could very well do myself, which is donate money to social causes. I mean, when comparing Credo to AT&T or Verizon, Credo wins, but how about if we compare Credo's carrier, Sprint, to the other big players? I'd like to find out how Sprint measures up. Help!


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