Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Be Bold Podcast: Create a Career with Impact, Episode #3

The third episode of Echoing Green's Be Bold Podcast, that I host, is up. The show features a discussion of two career related questions with Lara Galinsky, author of Be Bold: Create A Career with Impact.

The questions are:

1. I recently quit from an organization where I worked for the last 11 years. I haven’t decided what to do next and am considering doing consultancy work. How do I market myself given that I’ve never done this kind of work before?

2. I am currently completing a Ph.D in Anthropology with a focus in U.S. Historical Archeology. I am now interested in pursuing a career with either a nonprofit or NGO abroad, working primarily in the area of education and educational development policy. My question is twofold:

a. How do I now market myself for this field when most of my education and research has been in another field, and primarily in the US.

b. While looking for organizations to apply to, I have not had much luck in finding any geared towards education, and education development abroad. Are there any particularly useful websites, or organizations that I could direct my search to?

You can listen to the Be Bold podcast online, or subscribe via iTunes.

Send in your questions to be answered on the Be Bold Podcast to bebold@echoinggreen.org. Also, check out the Be Bold Resources page, and the New York Times' Social Impact Career Center, created in partnership with Echoing Green.

Finally, the deadline to apply for an Echoing Green Fellowship for social entrepreneurs is coming up: December 1, 2008.


  1. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Can't wait to listen! Thanks Britt!

  2. Britt,
    Love the podcasts (and blog). Here's a link with resources for nonprofit consultants.

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