Wednesday, August 12, 2009

10 Nonprofit E-newsletter Resources

"Blogs are great because you can re-purpose some of the content from your posts in your e-newsletter," I told a large group at a recent social media training. "How many of you have an e-newsletter?"

No one raised their hand.

Uh oh.

I know everyone is all abuzz about Twitter and blogs and Facebook, but the reality is, not everyone uses social media; almost everybody uses email.

It is amazing to me how many organizations and entrepreneurs don't have an e-newsletter, or if they do, it is deathly boring. If you fit into either category, below is a roundup of e-newsletter tips and advice to give yourself a crash course and get you going:

  1. 10 Surprisingly Easy and Startlingly Effective Ways to Improve Your Nonprofit E-Newsletter by Kivi Leroux Miller on Nonprofit Marketing (check out all of Kivi's posts about e-newsletters)
  2. Email & E-News Musts Outlined at Marketing Sherpa Summit by Nancy Schwartz on Getting Attention (check out all of Nancy's posts about email and e-newsletters)
  3. A Few Good Broadcast Email Tools on Idealware
  4. Some steps to a better enewsletter by Jeff Brooks on Donor Power Blog
  5. All of the Email 101 articles in Network for Good's Learning Center
  6. 10 Fast Tips to Boost E-newsletter Performance by Allyson Kapin on Frogloop
  7. How eNewsletters Can Kill Your Non-Profit by John Haydon on
  8. Getting Blasted: Six Ways that Nonprofit Email Misses the Point and Damages Relationships with Stakeholders by Michael Gilbert on Nonprofit Online News
  9. Choosing an Online eNewsletter Tool by Jason Pfeiffer on Communicopia
  10. The Mercifully Brief, Real World Guide to Raising Thousands (If Not Tens of Thousands) of Dollars With Email by Madeline Stanionis (book)

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  1. Great list of resources, Britt! Thanks for including Nonprofit Marketing Guide.

  2. Of course! How could I not include your writing. You are the goddess of nonprofit e-newsletters!

  3. Wow, how many ideas!
    Thank you, Britt, I'll save the post to review when I need information!
    than you so much!

  4. My pleasure, Alberto!

  5. This is a GREAT list - thanks for compiling it! I'll be sharing it with some nonprofit friends...

  6. You're welcome, Sam (:


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