Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I Just Twittered A Critter: Help Dogs and Cats Find Homes

One of my many guilty pleasures is entertainment news and celebrity gossip. While reading one of my guilty pleasure blogs, Ecorazzi: The Latest in Green Gossip, I learned about a fun way to help dogs and cats get adopted in their post, Celebrities Sign up to Twitter a Critter.

To Twitter a Critter, go to and search for a dog or cat that you'd like to encourage your Twitter followers to adopt. Then, click on the Twitter a Critter button. It will create a tweet from your Twitter account with a link to the animal's listing. I chose a Maine Coon kitten in Kings County, California.

I wasn't crazy about the tweet Twitter a Critter auto-generated because it didn't say the location of the animal, or if it was a cat or dog, so I modified it. I hope that animal shelters and animal protection nonprofits will let their supporters know about this fun tool like the folks at The Animal Shelter in Anniston, AL did on their blog.

I just Twittered another critter, a Maine Coon in Oakland named Amos, in the middle of writing this post. I think I'm addicted. Now they just need a "Facebook a Fuzzy Friend" application.

P.S. The blog has a list of Los Angeles wildfire animal shelters and rescues that need help.

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  1. That's a good idea. There is an organization called
    that has a lot of widgets that people can add to their blogs and sites to advertise ocal animals. Alas, I haven't found specific instructions for adding one to a blogspot blog.


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