Friday, December 04, 2009

20 Lists of Holiday Gifts that Give Back

My friend Gabriela of One Love Alliance forwarded me an email today from Slow Family Living that said:

It's supposed to be Comfort and Joy.
Not stress and overwhelm.

Don't forget to...
Slow Down.
And truly Enjoy this holiday season."
Isn't that awesome?

So, before you dive into your holiday gift shopping, remember that the "gifts that give back" the most are the ones given with love, no matter what they are.

When I wrote my first 10 Holiday Gifts that Give Back post in 2007, there weren't many posts like it. Last year, there were more, so I posted 10 Lists of Holiday Gifts That Give Back. This year, there are TONS. As they wrote in Gifts That Give Back: Charitable Gifts on Marie Claire, "Charity is the new black."

I think you'll find that many (not all) of the gifts on the lists below are collaborations between large national, or international nonprofits, and big brands. I encourage you to support the small, local nonprofits in your community with a gift donation. Better yet, why not give the gift of time to your family, and to an organization, by volunteering at a local nonprofit together during the holidays?

OK, here are the lists. I'm telling you, this is just a sampling.
  1. 7 Gifts that Give Back to the World in Impact News on The Huffington Post
  2. 11 Holiday Gift Programs that Benefit Nonprofits and Make the World A Better Place on Nonprofit Tech 2.0
  3. 2009 Gifts That Give Back, Part 1 on The Vibe
  4. Dressed to Give: How to make the holidays fabulous and philanthropic on the Case Foundation
  5. Colorful Spending: Gifts That Give Back on Live in Full Color
  6. Do Good Gift Guide 2009: Presents with a Purpose on (Ladies Home Journal)
  7. Give Gifts That Give Back! on
  8. Gifts That Give Back: Charitable Gifts on Marie Claire
  9. Gifts That Give Back: Holiday Gift Guide 2009 on InStyle
  10. Gifts That Give Back: Snapfish Free Photo Calendar & Make-A-Wish Custom Photo Book Giveaway on This Full House
  11. Give Gifts That Give Back This Season on Women for Women International blog
  12. Give a guy a gift that gives back on the Case Foundation blog
  13. Green Holiday Gifts that Give Back on Bliss Tree
  14. "Good" holiday gifts on a college student budget on the Case Foundation blog
  15. Presents for Purpose – Every Gift Benefits a Cause (Coupon Code and Giveaway Too) on Just Not Martha
  16. Ten Gifts That Give Back on weBEgirls
  17. 'Tis the Season to Help: The Gifts That Give Back Roundup on Outblush
  18. Top Five: Gifts That Give Back on SheFinds
  19. Twice as nice: Gifts that benefit nonprofits on The Miami Herald
  20. Women Who Create Gifts That Give Back on
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