Monday, December 28, 2009

Your Favorite 2009 Have Fun Do Good Posts

PostRank is a fun tool that can show a blogger which of their posts their readers engaged with the most.

Below are the 2009 Have Fun Do Good posts you read, commented on, tweeted, facebooked and engaged with the most.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing!
  1. 8 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Blogs

  2. Write a Letter, Make a Video, Embrace Diversity: December 10th is Human Rights Day

  3. 6 Alternative Birthday Gift Ideas

  4. 9 Tips for Effective Fundraising Letters

  5. 10 Nonprofit E-newsletter Resources

  6. How Do You Have Fun and Do Good on Your (Gasp, 40th) Birthday?

  7. 3 Answers for a Young Activist

  8. Play is the Mother of Social Innovation

  9. 8 Benefits of Having a Nonprofit Blog

  10. Record Your Grandma's Stories: StoryCorps' National Day of Listening is Nov. 27

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