Saturday, July 10, 2010

Your Free, Fun July/August 2010 Big Vision Worksheet

Happy summer Saturday, Have Fun, Do Gooders!

I've posted the newest July/August Big Vision Worksheet (illustrated by my hubs).

You can download the PDF from Dropbox to fill it out on, or near the new moon tomorrow, July 11th.

I like to start by filling out my 3 biggest 2010 goals (Don't worry if yours change throughout the year, that's normal). Then, I fill out my 3 biggest summer goals, which hopefully relate in some way to my 2010 goals. Finally, I write out my 3 biggest goals for this lunar cycle (new moon, July 11-new moon, Aug 9), which are usually related to my summer goals.

Here are a couple questions to ask yourself when filling out this month's worksheet:

• Am I excited about my goals? Am I choosing them because I really want to achieve them, or because I think I should achieve them?

• Are they big enough? Am I setting goals to reach my dreams, or am I limiting myself?

• Are they doable? Do I have enough time, energy and resources to accomplish them when I want to? Do I need to break them down into smaller steps?

You can view and download past 2010 Big Vision worksheets here.

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