Sunday, December 26, 2010

Vegan Christmas Cookies and Cookbook Review

Happy Holidays Have Fun, Do Gooders!

I found a super-easy, super-yummy recipe for Swedish Jam-filled cookies on this blog that I highly recommend.  Not only were they dee-lish-us, the recipe only has 5 ingredients (flour, sugar, margarine, vanilla extract and jam) so I was able to make them without going to the store, always a plus.  Yum-eeee.

I've also been cooking up some healthier items from my review copy of Appetite for Reduction: 125 Fast and Filling Low-Fat Vegan Recipes by Isa Chandra Moskowitz.  The favorites of my testers (none who are vegans, including myself), were the Goddess Ni├žoise with dressing,

 and the Garlicky Mushrooms and Kale.
Both were both freak-a-licious. The 40 Clove Chickpea and Garlic,
 Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes/Caulipots (with garlic and herbs),
and Chickpea Piccata (with Caulipots) were also good.
 The Ginger Soba with Bok Choy was the least favorite.  Needed a bit more flavor.

I'll definitely be trying more recipes from Appetite for Reduction.  The Ginger Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Apples sound fantastic as do the Red Thai Tofu, Bhutanese Pineapple Rice and the Green Beans with Thai Basil.  

If you have the cookbook already, what recipes do you recommend?


  1. Great post, Britt. As a huge Isa Moskowitz fan, I'm excited to read about her new cookbook. And I will definitely be making those thumbprint cookies - yum.

  2. You definitely need to make the Goddess salad. So yum. Did you make the thumbprints over the holidays?


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