Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Your Free, Fun December/January 2010/11 Big Vision Worksheet

Hello Have Fun, Do Gooders!

My Big Vision Worksheet illustrator, the hubs, has been swamped with work lately so our newest Big Vision Worksheet is coming out a few days after the new moon.  A BIG thanks to him for creating it for us when he's so busy. If you want to thank him yourself, drop him a line (:

You can download the worksheet from Dropbox hereYou can view all of the 2010 worksheets here.

The dates on this one are kinda funny 'cause we're at the end of the year.  Because the Winter section goes into January, you could start writing your 2011 goals in the Big Vision section too, but personally, I kinda like the idea of staying with your 2010 goals in the Big Vision section, and then getting a hint of your 2011 goals in the Winter Section.

The next New Moon is January 4th, so you could dip your toe in the water of your 2011 goals there too, or just think of this next lunar month as a time to wrap up your 2010 Big Vision before envisioning 2011.


One of the things on my new moon goal list is to put together a class about The Art of Blogging: Creating Juicy Content for Artists, Writers, Creative Entrepreneurs and Do-Gooders.  I'd love to know, from those of you who might be interested in taking the class, your preferences:

1. Format: virtual or in-person?
2. Number of sessions: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8?
3. How do you learn best: e-book, phone/teleclass, video, audio/mp3, webinar, discussion?

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  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Hi Britt...I would be interested in your workshop. PU Santa Fe

  2. Hi Anonymous P.unit!

    Would you learn best with an e-book, phone/teleclass, video, audio/mp3, webinar, and/or discussion?

  3. I would prefer a virtual workshop, jsut because it guarantees that a lot mroe people can participate (although I do like in-person ones as well, not many are close to me).

    I would go for 1 or 2 sessions. I just don't have the time to do 8 sessions or something (no offense, but everyone's busy, as I'm sure you're well aware).

    I learn best by anything I can pause and re-listen to or re-read, so ebooks, recorded audio material, videos, etc. Basically, not anything live.

  4. Thanks for your feedback, Amy. I really appreciate it. I'm going to decide on a date and format during the holidays and announce the class in early January.

  5. Hi Amy ~ Just wanted to make sure you knew that the Juicy Blogging e-course is starting next Wednesday, February 2nd!


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