Saturday, February 05, 2011

Fun Friday Staycation in Oakland and Berkeley (Photos)

One of the homework assignments this week for the Juicy Blogging e-course I'm teaching is to write an image-rich post.  I figure I should practice what I preach, so here are some photos from my fun Friday in Berkeley and Oakland with a Move, Play, Reflect, Connect twist.


It's rare that the hubs and I have a whole day off together, but everything fell into place yesterday for us to take a one-day staycation.  Hooray!  Unfortunately, our cat, Dora, couldn't come with us on our adventures.


Our day started out at the always yummy Remedy Cafe where I had a decaf soy latte and a chocolate cherry vegan scone.  I made some progress in the next book we're reading for my virtual social change book club: Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture.

After breakfast, we browsed and shopped at the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse, where they have all kinds of fun stuff.

I got some interesting architecture photos on mat board, a pile of gold foil squares, a few pieces of colored mat board, and 3 rubber stamps.

Afterwards, we headed over to Artist and Craftsman and Supply where I got a blank jigsaw puzzle, watercolor postcards, and a couple bottles of acrylic paint to use in my visual journal. I didn't buy any of this paper (below), but isn't it pretty?


After a yummy lunch at La Note, we took a walk in the beautiful Mountain View Cemetery.  I know some people get freaked out by cemeteries, but I've always liked them.


After we got home, we sorted through our arts and craft supplies, and I used my new Valentine-colored acrylics to paint pages in my visual journal in the style Lisa Sonora Beam showed us at her visual journaling workshop last spring.

A super fun Friday! I'm grateful that the hubs and I were able to spend it together (:

Thanks Instagram for making my photos looks super cool!

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  1. What an amazing, well lived, fun, creative day! LOVE the pix! Thank you for the inspiration. I need a day like that!

  2. Yay! Glad you liked it. Come on ova and play in Oaktown.


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