Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Recipe for Your Big Vision on the Wishstudio

The lovely Mindy Tsonas was kind enough to ask me to write a guest post for her blog, wishstudio.  I've included an excerpt from my post, How to Write the Recipe to Make Your Big Vision Real below:

We cook because we’re hungry; because we have a craving.  The same is true for the big visions we have for our lives.  We hunger for them. 

Because we’re adults, we can’t expect someone to make our big vision for us, we have to do it for ourselves.  Often, what we crave is so unique, we have to write our own recipe. Here’s how:

1. Name your craving

What do you hunger for? Give it a name.  Be specific.  You never see a recipe for just, “Cake.” The recipe’s title describes it, like, “Dark Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Filling.”  For example, if your big vision is to write a book about knitting that is wildly successful, your recipe could be called, My Fabulous, Famous Knitting Book That Inspires People and Makes Money.

2. Make an ingredients list

You can read the rest of How to Write the Recipe to Make Your Big Vision Real on the wishstudio.

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