Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Jennifer Lee, Right-Brain Business Plan: How I Have Fun, Do Good

Last fall, I hosted a Have Fun, Do Good series where 12 bloggers shared how they have fun and do good.  This month, I'll be picking up the series again with new posts by Desiree Adaway, Emily Goligoski, Jamie Ridler, Jennifer Lee, Jennifer Louden, Mary Mulliken, Tara Sophia Mohr, and Wendy Harman.

The first post is by Jennifer Lee, author of  The Right-Brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success. Jennifer is a certified coach, writer, artist, yogini, and the founder of Artizen Coaching. Before pursuing her own passions full-time, she consulted for ten years for companies such as Gap Inc., Accenture, Sony, and HP, helping leaders and organizations manage change. 

Now she is on a mission to empower people to awaken their innate creativity and make a living doing what they love. When she’s not coaching, writing, or leading groups, she’s either painting up a storm, reading in her hammock, practicing yoga, making arts and crafts, or indulging in a midday nap (one of the fabulous perks of being self-employed).  

You can connect with Jenn on Twitter @artizencoaching, the RBBP Facebook Fan Page, The Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit,  her personal blog, and on Instagram: @jennlee.

Jennifer Lee, Right-Brain Business Plan: How I Have Fun, Do Good

Since 2005 I’ve volunteered off and on at a local non-profit called C.E.O. Women here in Oakland. This amazing organization empowers immigrant and low-income women to create economic opportunities for themselves through starting their own business. Whenever I go to an event or meet with women in the program, I’m uplifted by their courage, determination, and creativity! The women are from all over the world and each faces various challenges like language barriers, cultural differences, being a single parent, and more, yet they continue preserve toward their dreams.

I’ve coached a massage therapist from Japan and a jewelry designer from Peru. I’ve been a guest presenter during their 16-week program where the women learn English and entrepreneurial skills. And I’ve attended their “Storefront Presentations” where the women showcase their business idea and share their plans with people from the community. I love seeing their visual plans (which look quite a bit like a Right-Brain Business Plan!) and talking with them about their work.

It’s super inspiring to see what these women are creating in their communities and how they’re supporting their families through their entrepreneurial ventures. They are living the American dream and it’s fun and feels good to support

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