Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Connecting Homeless Youth and Shelter Animals: 20-Year-Old Rachel Cohen, Hand2Paw

"It's a novel idea that homeless youth have so much to offer, and that these youth could really make the difference at this shelter.  As it turns out, so many of these youth absolutely love animals."
- Rachel Cohen

Twenty-year-old Rachel Cohen is the Founder and Executive Director of Hand2Paw. Hand2Paw's mission is to connect homeless teens and shelter animals in a mutually beneficial way. They provide homeless teens with professional skills training and therapeutic experiences. They also  ensure that thousands of homeless and abandoned animals get the socialization and training they deserve.

Rachel has loved animals since her parents got her the Eyewitness Companion Guide to Dogs for her 8th birthday. This fateful Hanukkah present, they now realize, was wholly responsible for her career trajectory. She is also a Penn student and a current Top 15 National Finalist for the Washington Campus Compact's Students in Service Awards, as well as the winner of a DoSomething Grant.

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          1. Anonymous12:55 PM

            oh my god this is too cool.

          2. This is a cool idea! :D More power to yah Rachel!

          3. I know, isn't it cool? And she won the Students in Service Award she mentioned in the interview.


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