Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Fun Links: Skype Tea, Daily DoGooder, and Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

A list of some of the people, things, and events that inspired me, or added fun to my week.

1. Reading about "Happiness Hacks" in Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World by Jane McGonigal.

2. Having Skype Tea with Amy Sample Ward.  This spring I've been "having tea" via Skype with faraway friends and colleagues who I'd love to hang out with if they lived closer.  It's been super fun.  Totally recommend.

3. See3's Daily DoGooder videos.  Sign up to receive a cause-related video each day. I was moved by this Meals on Wheels PSA.

4. Excited to see how First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! Museums and Gardens initiative evolves.

5. Looking forward to Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution starting up again. You can watch the first two episodes on ABC, or on Hulu.  The season continues on Friday, June 3rd.  It's such an important program.  Please watch it, and tells other folks about it. You can learn more about the Food Revolution on, by watching this 2:17 video produced by the TED Prize (below), or by watching his 22-minute TED Talk.

6. Also looking forward to ShimmyPop! class at Hipline this weekend. I've only been once since I hurt my foot last fall. Can't. Wait. Wish my foot luck.

Hipline's front window

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