Sunday, May 15, 2011

Your 19 Vegetarian and Vegan Cookbooks Recommendations. Which Recipes Do You Love?

Last week, I shared the 12 vegetarian and vegan cookbooks I cook with the most, and asked for your recommendations.  The response on the blog, Facebook, and Twitter was awesome!

Here are your favorites:

A couple websites were also recommended:
    So, here's my next question, which cookbook should try next?

    What usually gets me to buy a cookbook is when I flip through and immediately see recipes that I'm dying to try.  If you use the cookbooks listed above, or even the ones on my list, I'd love to know: 

    Which recipes do you love?

    If you can find a link to the recipe online with a photo, even better (:

    How to Cook Everything Vegetarian and Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone (pictured) were both recommended more than once.

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    1. Last week I made Slow Spanish Beans and Rice from FRESH FROM THE VEGETARIAN SLOW COOKER. It's on the menu again for this week, so that should tell you how much we like it. :)

      Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone is probably my most-used vegetarian cookbook. Two soups that we love are Cream of Tomato Soup (pg. 217). It's a mainstay for us in the winter. I seem to make this every snow day with grilled cheese.

      We also like Winter Portobello Mushroom Stew (pg. 254)

      Two others from this cookbook worth a mention:

      Sauteed Mushrooms with Spinach and Pepper (pg. 390) and Butterflies with Sauteed Mushrooms (pg. 458).

      Just paging through this reminded me of so many I want to try!

      Happy cooking, Britt!

    2. Thanks, Melissa! I will definitely try the Spanish Beans, since as you know, I already own Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker.

      You've sold me on Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. I'll have to start looking for it at used bookstores.

    3. The best vegetarian cookbook I ever used (and still use; front page missing, pages yellowed and frayed) is Laurel's Kitchen, later re-titled The New Laurel's Kitchen. It came out in 1986 and I still think it's the best vegetarian cookbook ever written. Laurel was so ahead of her time. It was from Laurel that I learned what a 'legume' was. I got it so that I could cook meals for my older sister who had turned vegetarian at age 13 (that was in 1969). Till this day, she still remembers the meals I made for her, thanks to this classic.

      Lis Golden McKinley
      Oakland organizer

    4. Thanks for sharing your favorite cookbook, Lis. I used to have Laurel's Kitchen years ago. Sometimes the oldies are still the goodies!

    5. Viva Vegan is by Terry Hope Romero, not Isa Moskowitz! :)

    6. You are absolutely right, celyn. Thanks for catching that. I just fixed it.


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