Tuesday, August 21, 2007

BlogHers Act: Global Health Poll

BlogHer (where I am a Contributing Editor) launched a year-long campaign, BlogHers Act, at their 2007 conference this summer. During BlogHers Act, BlogHers will work to make a measurable improvement in "global health" issues.

BlogHers Act will take a two-pronged approach to make a positive change in global health issues. BlogHers will work together around a single global health issue that they want to create change around.

BlogHers Act will also encourage members who want to create their own, separate campaigns on issues of their choice to do so, and to report back to the BlogHers Act initiative.

Until August 25th they are conducting a final poll (at the top of this post) to determine which global health issue to focus on. If you think you might be interested in participating in this campaign, take a moment to vote for the global health issue you would most like to impact as part of the BlogHer community.

Bloghers Act

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