Sunday, July 03, 2011

Samin Nosrat: Cook, Teacher, Writer, Accidental Activist

"I think as cooks there's something sort of innate in us that's about sharing and being generous and giving to people." -Samin Nosrat

Samin Nosrat creates community around food with her varied endeavors as a cook, teacher, writer, and accidental activist.  She's known for the Pop-Up General Store, Tartine Afterhours dinners, Home Ec Cooking Classes, and the nationwide Bakesale for Japan that raised $140,000.

Her newest project is organizing Chez Panisse Foundation's Eating for Education, a grassroots effort to create national awareness about school kitchen/garden programs. At the heart of all of Samin's work is the fundamental belief in the power of food to create meaningful connection.

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Learn more about Samin and Eating for Education

Cupcake from my local Bakesale for Japan
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"Mango Delight," by Kenya Masala.  You can connect with Kenya through CD Baby, Source Consulting Group, and Facebook.

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