Monday, November 21, 2011

Meatless Monday: Vegetarian and Vegan Thanksgiving Ideas

Meatless Monday is a nonprofit initiative of The Monday Campaigns. Their goal is to help reduce meat consumption by 15% to improve personal and planetary health.  Each week I share meatless recipes I've tried from cookbooks and online.  You can see past Meatless Monday posts by clicking here.

I didn't make any interesting meatless dishes this week, so instead of posting my photos and recipe notes, I'm including a link to my Vegetarian and Vegan Thanksgiving idea board on Pinterest. Even if you aren't a member of Pinterest, you can still see the board, scroll through the photos, and click on the recipe links. Just click here to view it.

What meatless Thanksgiving dishes are you making this week?

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  1. I'm still searching.
    I'm going to a community dinner and wanted to take something vegan but so far can't find a recipe. The lentil mushroom dish looks good but I could only see the photo and no recipe.

  2. Hi Rubye,

    On the bottom of each photo there is a link in light gray. For example, on the Nava’s Hearty Lentil and Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie, that you mentioned, you'll see a link to Click on that, and you'll be able to see the recipe. The same goes for each photo. If you have any trouble, let me know, and I'll put the links into the original post.


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