Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Top 10 Have Fun, Do Good Posts (Aug-Nov '11)

One of the ways I measure if Have Fun, Do Good is fulfilling its mission is with something called PostRank.  It measures reader "engagement" based on things like the number of comments a post receives, and the times it was tweeted, rather than just page views.

Below are the top 10 posts Have Fun, Do Good  readers (like you!) engaged with the most over the last three months. Thanks for reading, commenting on, and sharing Have Fun, Do Good!

Photo credits: Vintage Underwood Number 5 Manual Typewriter is by Michael Dolan. The photos of Emily, Julie and Tiffany are owned by them. The photo of me with the cute little dog is by Green LA Girl.  The 20 Ways to Be a Generous Blogger poster was designed by the hubs. The sunset, sprout and cards are by me.

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