Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Create: Photo Cards for November Birthdays

As part of my 100 Letters for the Last 100 Days of 2011 project, I've been making cards with my own photos. It's such a simple thing, but I've enjoyed creating them so much that I thought I'd share the process with you.

1. Look through your calendar and make a list of friends, family and co-workers whose birthdays are in November.  If any of your birthday pals live far away, you might want to make a note of when to mail the card, so it gets there on time.  Thanksgiving is on November 24th, if you want to send out Gratitude Cards and thank people for the wonderful things they've brought to your life.

2. Collect your photos.  I printed mine with Kodak Photo Gallery.  With the last batch, I accidentally chose the "metallic" printing option, and they came out super cool.

3. Gather your cards and pens.  I've really been into using black Strathmore Photo Mount Greeting Cards with Silver Sharpies and Sparkly Gelly Roll pens.

4. Buy stamps.  One of the biggest obstacles to my sending a handmade card each day has been not having all the supplies I needed. I highly recommend your pulling together all of your supplies early in the month.  Because I didn't plan ahead in October, I ended up with a lot of those ugly, and more expensive, stamps from the ATM, when I could have gotten pretty LOVE stamps.

5. Add photos to your cards.  Place an adhesive square (they come with the Strathmore cards) in each of the photo's corners.  Press the photo firmly to the front of your card.

6. Write and address your note in sparkly pen, add a stamp, and drop it in the mail box.  Fun!


• Will you be making your own cards for the holidays? 

• What are some ways that you like to make cards? 

Full disclosure: The cards and pens I've linked to are attached to my Amazon Associate account, which means that if you buy anything after clicking on the link, I get a percentage of the sale. 

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  1. You are much more creative than I ! I do make my own photo cards but I send them into Apple from iPhoto. There isn't as much flexibility in being creative though. Your way has a much more personal touch, I may have to give it a try!

  2. Hi Marcia,

    That way an be fun too! I've never used Apple's printing services. How do you like them?

    I'd like to try Moo.com sometime. I use them for my business cards, and like them a lot.

  3. These are just wonderful. I can't think of anything more personal I could do to delight so many friends and family members. So great. Debra

  4. Hi Debra,

    Letters are such a rarity these days, I think people really appreciate them, especially when you make the card yourself. Have fun!

  5. I love sending cards, especially heartfelt ones with pictures. I found a great website where you can send a personalized greeting card right from your computer! With pictures! The company, prints the card, stuffs it in the envelope and mails it with a REAL stamp. The cards are about $1.
    You can try it for free at sendoutcards.com/29591


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