Tuesday, November 29, 2011

6 Healing Artists

"Art is a wound turned into light." - Georges Braque 

As I mentioned in my Fun-Do list last week, one of my favorite things to do is collage. The process of combining words and images helps me to work things out in a different way than writing in my journal does. I truly believe that art can heal, which is why I love producing the Arts and Healing Podcast for the Arts and Healing Network.

This year I interviewed six healing artists:

Creative living coach at Jamie Ridler Studios, and creator of one of my favorite podcasts, Creative Living with Jamie

You can listen to these interviews, and many more, on the Arts and Healing Network's website, or on iTunes.  If you have ideas for people we should interview, email the Arts and Healing Network team at ahn AT artheals DOT org.

Full disclosure: The books I linked to are attached to my Amazon Associates account, which means that if you buy anything after clicking on the link, I receive a percentage of the sale.

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