Wednesday, June 06, 2007

BlogHer Acts: How Should BlogHers Change the World?

Yesterday BlogHer launched a new, year-long initiative to use the power of its 11,000+ members for positive change. How exciting is that!

They want your answers to the following questions by June 15:

1. What is the global issue BlogHer's members should focus on this year?
2. If you could tell the presidential candidates what is most important to you, what are the top four hot button issues you would ask them to address?
You can read my answer to the first question in my post on BlogHer, "BlogHers Act: We Need to Be A Witness for Darfur".

To have your ideas included in the BlogHer selection process, write a blog post about it, tag it Bloghers Act and Bloghersact, and put a link in the comments of this post by June 15th. You can also post your answer in the comments of this post.

I would love to hear your answers to either question, whether or not you are a member of BlogHer, so answer either #1 or #2 in the comments of this post, or write your own post and leave a link here.

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  1. This is a great initiative for BlogHERS to take up. In terms of suggestions, my votes would be for...

    * girls education in the world's 10 poorest countries

    * female-headed households in the world's 10 poorest countries

    * widows in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Regarding No2 ... I think this topic reflects the US-centric world view of BlogHERS. It should be discarded. The internet is global, not American. Instead, the topic could be framed as something like, "What do you think women in powerful positions (e.g. Angela Merkel, Condeleeza Rice and Helen Clark) should focus their attention on?"

    (Angela leads Germany, Helen leads New Zealand and Condeleeza is in the Bush Administration.)

    BlogHERS needs an international view point.

  2. Good point, Gillian. I'm not sure why the second question was framed only from a US perspective. Perhaps because BlogHer is a US based company, and because the US has made such a mess of things for the whole world and will continue to do so unless we get a better President.


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