Friday, June 13, 2008

Do-Good Gifts for Dad

If you have a do-good Dad like mine, it can be a challenge to find a Father's Day gift he'll truly enjoy.

Here are a few ideas:

The Chronicle of Philanthropy has a great round-up of do-good Father's Day gifts like "adopting" endangered animals through the World Wildlife Fund, and donating items like boats, building tools, and tents to a person in need through Oxfam.

The Charity Navigator blog suggests giving one of their Good Cards that allows your dad to give to the charity of his choice.

Grist has lots of of green ideas including an organic beer brewing kit, a power-saving Smart Strip, and Eco Golf Balls.

It's the Little Thinks reminds us in her post, Carbon Free Dad's Day, that the greenest gifts are the ones you don't buy, "being green is about being frugal too. The less you buy, the less ends up in the garbage heaps." Her list has some lovely ideas like making a locally grown meal, going on a bike ride together, and most importantly, "LOVE him. Show him you love him, that is the best gift."

How are you celebrating Father's Day with your Dad?

Photo of my Dad and I taken by Nu Ho.


  1. Thanks for the mention! Your site is awesome!

  2. Anonymous5:09 AM

    Thanks for the wonderful father's day gifts ideas. I always pursue these ideas :-)

  3. Thanks so much for this, Britt! I followed the link and through one of its comments learned of What a worthy cause and a great idea for a (last-minute, lol!), unique father's day donation. Thanks!! K.

  4. I just came across this blog post, a bit past Father's Day but I wanted to comment on what great ideas they are, I really liked the green ideas. Thank you for the information. We are halfway through the year and the Holidays will be here before we know it ... these ideas can play there too when shopping for gifts for men.


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