Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Off the Mat, Into the World's Seva Challenge

Do you want to take the peacefulness you feel after taking a yoga class, and use it to make the world a better place? Off the Mat, Into the World is a 501(c)(3) project of The Engage Network that, "aims to inspire and guide you to find and define your purpose and become active in your local or global community in an effective, sustainable and joyful way."

You can get involved with OTM's work by participating in an OTM workshop, becoming a member of their Ning social network, and taking the 2008 Seva Challenge. The Seva Challenge asks participants to raise $20,000 (or more) by December 31, 2008 for the Cambodian Children’s Fund, and to take a trip with OTM in February 2009 to Cambodia to help CCF with their work. (You can watch a video about CCF's work on

Neil of Neil's Cambodia Challenge is taking the Challenge to fulfill one of his Five Wishes.

Suzanne of Suzanne's Seva Challenge was written up in her local newspaper: Yoga workshop inspires woman to help Cambodian kids.

Kristen of My Seva Challenge had raised $3,300 as of April 1st.

Off the Mat, Into the World is one of The Engage Network's two pilot programs. The second program is What's Your Tree? The Engage Network was created by Julia Butterfly Hill's organization, Circle of Life. You can read more about the Network and both programs in the Spring 2008 issue of Organic Style.

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