Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Make a Difference From Home: Be a Virtual Volunteer

You're busy, but you want to volunteer--why not try being a virtual volunteer! Virtual or online volunteering allows you to do your volunteer work online.

Wondering what kind of things you could help with?

In his post, Become a Virtual Volunteer and Make a Real Difference, Jeff Nickles of My Super Charged Life points out that nonprofits need all kinds of help that can be done online:
"[V]olunteers are needed in researching topics, editing documents, developing web sites, writing proposals, creating curriculum, tutoring students, designing graphics, and editing video, just to name a few possibilities. In addition, organizations need online volunteers with legal, financial, environmental, information technology, and project management expertise."
In her post, Be a Virtual Volunteer, Karama of the blog, So What Can I Do? also has a list of ways you can help including: grant writing, website or graphic design, being an email pen pal, raising money on eBay, transcription or translation, research, database development or management, and copy editing.

TheSite.org also has a long list of virtual volunteer ideas in its article, What Can a Virtual Volunteer Do?

Are you inspired and ready to find a virtual volunteer opportunity?

In addition to the United Nations Volunteers Online Volunteering Service that I posted about last week, you can also search for virtual opportunities on VolunteerMatch, ChristianVolunteering.org, Idealist.org, and DoSomething.org. You also might want to check out ServiceLeader.org's Virtual Volunteering: Questions from Volunteers for more ideas and information about being a virtual volunteer.

If you're interested in social entrepreneurship, Ashoka and the Ashoka Fellows are always looking for virtual translators who speak Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Polish, Arabic, Hebrew and African and Indian languages.

Where else can people find virtual volunteer opportunities?

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Photo of virtual volunteer cat by me.

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