Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Let's Connect: Twitter, Facebook, Ning & Podcasts

Hello Have Fun * Do Gooders!

I'm back from a relaxing vacation and feeling energized. One of the things I wanted to share with you is other places that we can connect online:

I get lots of requests to post about things, but don't always have time so lots of times I "tweet" links to stuff. I use the Facebook Twitter application so my tweets also show up in my news feed on . .

You can friend me and join the Have Fun * Do Good Facebook Page. It is a bit barren at the moment 'cause I just set it up and am moving folks over from my old Have Fun * Do Good Facebook group.

Changeblogger Ning Network
I've also set up a Ning network for Changebloggers, people who use their blogs, podcasts and vlogs to make positive change. We've got 172 members at the moment. Join us!

I've been a Contributing Editor, along with Beth Kanter, for the past 3.5 years of BlogHer's Nonprofits and Social Change section. They have recently added a social networking component, so feel free to friend me there as well.

Big Vision Podcast (subscribe via iTunes)
I think most of you already know this, but in addition to Have Fun * Do Good, I also produce a podcast where I interview people who I feel have a big vision for a better world. If you have suggestions for people I should interview, let me know. I also host the Be Bold Podcast: Create a Career with Impact (subscribe via iTunes) and produce the Arts and Healing Podcast (subscribe via iTunes)

See ya around online!


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