Thursday, July 30, 2009

Have Fun Do Good Link Love: Artists and Social Media, Be Bold Podcast, Miss Do-Gooder T-shirts and More!

Hi Have Fun * Do Gooders!

I get requests to post about more things than I have time to write a full blog post about, plus I'm going to be blogging on a couple of new blogs soon that I can't cross-post from so I'm going to start experimenting with Have Fun Do Good Link Love lists to share some quick links and short posts with you. Lemme know what you think.


I'm speaking about how artists can use social media to market their business next week, August 8th, at Artists Building their Business in Santa Fe, NM. The event is free, but limited to 250 artists. Pre-registration by August 7 is required. A box lunch will be provided. The project is a collaboration of the Museum of New Mexico Foundation Shops and the City of Santa Fe Economic Development Division. To reserve space, call 505-982-7380.

I posted a new interview last week on the Big Vision Podcast with David Cohn, the Founder of Spot.Us, a nonprofit pioneering community funded reporting. I'll post the transcript soon for those of you who like to read interviews rather than listen to them.

Two new shows are up on Echoing Green's Be Bold Podcast where Lara Galinsky, Echoing Green's Senior Vice President, and I discuss how to create a career with impact. You can listen online or subscribe via iTunes. In Episode 12 we talk about if you need an objective on your resume, and how to represent "bad jobs" on your CV. In Episode 13 we discuss starting a green jobs training program in your community and what other national, and regional agencies exist that are like AmeriCorps. Submit your questions to the Be Bold Podcast!


20 Nonprofit & Philanthropy Blogs Written by People of Color by Rosetta Thurman

The Hub "Places for meeting, working, learning, innovating and connecting dedicated to inspiring and supporting enterprising initiatives for a better world."

The Hub Bay Area The first Hub in the Bay Area!

First podcast from the Craigslist Foundation’s 6th Annual Boot Camp is up: Morning Keynote with Arianna Huffington.

SheSpotter New blog by Lisa Chen and Lisa Witter, the authors of The She Spot: Why Women are the Market for Changing the World and How to Reach Them.

New York Times Article, Marketing Small Businesses With Twitter by Claire Cain Miller

Cute Miss Do-Gooder T-shirts!

And just for laughs, 'cause I love the show . . .

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