Friday, July 24, 2009

195 Bloggers Stay Up Late and Make a Difference: Blogathon 2009

For 24 hours starting tomorrow, Saturday, July 25th at 6:00 AM PT, 195 bloggers will be posting on their blogs every 30 minutes to raise money for the charity of their choice as part of the 2009 Blogathon. The deadline to be a participating blogger has passed, but you can still make a pledge to support one of the 195 registered bloggers until Friday, July 31st.

Fun, huh? Seems like a great idea for nonprofits to promote to their supporters who are already bloggers, or who want an excuse to start a blog. I wish I'd known about it earlier myself. I would have loved to have been a participant.

As of this writing, $23,987.17 has been pledged to all of the participating bloggers combined. Some of the top fundraisers are:

Tiny Bites fundraising for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society
30 pledges totaling $1,509.33

Steve's Blogathon fundraising for The Montreal Children's Hospital (Autism Clinic)
19 pledges totaling $1,201.18

end the silence fundraising for RAINN
39 pledges totaling $1,153.00

Scheherazade in Blue Jeans fundraising for Boston Area Rape Crisis Center
43 pledges totaling $982.24

You Don't Look Blind fundraising for Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind
24 pledges totaling $852.34

Have you ever seen a nonprofit run a blogathon on its own? I'd love to hear about some other blogathon fundraising examples.

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  1. FOUND IT :) :) :)
    my blog comment section is like yours..i should have known better to click on the #ofcomments as the way to get here...i need to search for sumthin a bit more user friendly on my blog...okay so you weren't at BH either...well me neither but i missed it..something about having that one to one connection. Love your posts so much..they keep me ever on task with knowhow for nps....thanks for all you offered in this surely gives a headsup on so many great endeavors going on. :)

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