Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Alternatives: Sleep-In, Buy Nothing, Wear Plaid

Today is "Black Friday," the day after Thanksgiving when everyone is supposed to hit the stores to do their holiday shopping. "To buy, or not to buy?" seems to be the question on do-gooders' minds. Below are four ideas for how to spend, or not spend, today.

1. GlobalGiving is promoting November 27th as The Great American Sleep-in. They are encouraging people to sleep-in, spend time with the people they care about, and purchase their gifts through GlobalGiving. You can buy a gift card, make a donation to a grassroots social change project, or purchase something from (for each transaction made on the site, World of Good will contribute $5 to GlobalGiving projects).

2. As Green LA Girl mentioned in her post, Inspiration to spend less this season — without feeling deprived, November 27th is also Adbusters' Buy Nothing Day. They propose that in addition to buying nothing on November 27th, you also, "shut off your lights, televisions and other nonessential appliances. We want you to park your car, turn off your phones and log off of your computer for the day."

3. Celebrate Plaid Friday, shop local and independent. In the East Bay of Northern California, where I live, today is Plaid Friday. People are encouraged to wear plaid (to celebrate the diversity and creativity of independent enterprises), and to shop at local and independent businesses.

4. Buy something "responsible." In his post, Black Friday? Buy Nothing Day? How About Buy Something Responsible Day? Triple Pundit blogger, Nick Aster, suggests that Black Friday be renamed, "Buy Something Responsible Day," or something equivalent. He writes:
"[F]olks who understand the appeal of shopping locally, buying organic, and taking the time to understand where products come from and who makes them, already recognize that we vote with our dollars."
How will you be spending your time and/or dollars today?

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  1. Hey Britt - thanks for the shout out and happy thanksgiving!
    Donna @

  2. Thanks for your always great reminders and inspiration, Britt!
    Happily, on Black Friday, I bought nothing. Family and friends and I opted for a day out in the wilderness, melting into Desert canyons and being inspired by the Earth and each other. Unplugging that is a gift that is priceless and everyone I know needs more often.

  3. My pleasure, Donna (:


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