Thursday, November 19, 2009

Have Fun Do Good Day: Stretch!

Do-gooders need to take care of themselves, as well as others, and that includes taking care of their bodies.

If I can make time to do yoga in the morning, I know it's going to be a good day. Sometimes I do it for 10 minutes, sometimes for 30 minutes, and sometimes I have the luxury of going to a 60-90 minute class. Either way, every little bit makes a difference.

If yoga sounds intimidating to you, just think of it as stretching with a lot of breathing (:

Above is a 4-minute video of the Six Movements of the Spine by Kimberly Wilson (who interviewed me recently) that you could probably do right now sitting at your desk, on the sofa, or even on the plane (if you have nice people in your row).

How do you find time to stretch and exercise?

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  1. merci beaucoup for sharing! this is a *great* way to gain tranquility during travel, at the office, and on your yoga mat. xo

  2. That's what I need to do today... But that dog! where can I get such a cute and mellow yoga companion?

  3. When it comes to living in a body, I am more like a dog or cat than a human. I can't get through the day comfortably without rolling around on the floor and stretching into whatever spontaneous flow my body needs. At least 3/4 of the time this is done with my 3 year old on top of or beside me. And, it's often in conjunction with a playful, soul dance that gets into all the right places. Even a 5 minute dance goes a LONG way. Thank Goodness.

  4. Kimberly - My iPhone lets me access my YouTube account so I've marked this video as a fave so I can listen to it/watch it for stretching inspiration wherever I might be.

    Monaluna - Isn't he adorable? I know you are swamped, but you should come to ShimmyPop! on Saturday. Heather is teaching.

    Gabriela -I wish you could come Shimmy too!


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