Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Have Fun Do Good Day: Do Something Nice for an Animal

I've been thinking a lot about animals lately, as I've mentioned in a couple recent posts, Midlife Food Crisis: What's Your Food Story?, and Love Animals? 9 Animal Rights Organization Blogs for Your Weekend Reading. What better way to have fun while doing good then doing something nice for an animal!

We have an adorable, but needy cat, who gets very sad when we go out of town. She is still recovering from our being away last week, so early this morning I gave her a special treat, cuddle time in bed when it was still dark out (she usually isn't allowed in till we are awake). Oh, the purrs! Isn't it amazing that such a small thing can make a little being so happy?

I had the same experience last week on vacation in Maine while playing with our friends' labradoodle in the rain. He was so happy!

Here are a few ways you can do something nice for animals today:
  • If you have a pet, play with them.

  • See if a local shelter or animal rescue near you needs volunteers. They can need help with everything from fostering animals before they are adopted, to going into the shelter to play with them and pet them, to web design work. Check out VolunteerMatch for ideas.

  • Offer to take care of someone else's pet. With the holidays coming up, lots of folks are trying to figure out who will take care of their pets. If you're staying in town, why not offer to help? Also, some organizations, like PAWS, need people to take care of sick and elderly people's pets.

  • Donate to a shelter, rescue, or animal rights organization. There are the big ones like ASPCA, but don't forget about the little local ones. We wouldn't have found our awesome cat if it wasn't for Maine Coon Adoptions here in Oakland.

  • And of course the big one, if you are able, look into adopting an animal. Here are a few tips for adopting a pet from a shelter. One place to search for animals that need a home is
What are some other ways to do something nice for an animal today?

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