Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm on the Tranquility Du Jour Podcast!

One of my favorite podcasts is Tranquility du Jour by Kimberly Wilson. I always find the women she interviews interesting and inspiring, and I'm soooo excited to be this week's Featured Tranquilista.

When we recorded the interview, we actually did a podcast "swap." After she interviewed me, I interviewed her for the Big Vision Podcast about her nonprofit, Tranquil Space Foundation, and her new book Tranquilista: Mastering the Art of Mindful Work and Enlightened Play, which I'll be posting soon.

I hope you enjoy the interview, and you should definitely check out past shows. You can listen to it online using the little player on her blog, or download it from the iTunes Music Store.

P.S. Kimberly is one of three co-collaborators brainstorming with me how to put together an event for creative women entrepreneurs to connect, create, and learn together. Today is the deadline to take our survey for a chance to win a prize, so don't delay!

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