Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nonprofit Calendars for 2010

I know more and more people are using calendars on their computers and cell phones, but I like paper calendars. There is something about writing things down by hand with different colored pens that I still love.

If you haven't purchased your 2010 calendar yet (or are looking for a last minute holiday gift), lots of nonprofits publish calendars.

I asked my Facebook and Twitter pals for suggestions, and they came up with the list below:

I'm sure there are lots of community and regional nonprofits that publish calendars too, like the ones listed in this Idaho Statesman article, Buy these calendars to help out nonprofits. According to the article, the Zoo Boise has a Poop of the Month calendar that features different species and their feces. Hilarious.

What are other fabulous calendars produced by nonprofits that should be added to the list?

A big thanks to all of the folks on Twitter and Facebook who sent me nonprofit calendar suggestions: @maggieleithead of Charity Village, @CoreyPud and Kate Millea of Convio, @coldmtn of Rikshaw Films, Kory Taylor, Marylee McInnes, Gwen Rose, Milo Sybrant of Amnesty International USA, Stacy Colwell, Morra Aarons-Mele of Women & Work and BlogHer, Roger Carr of the Everyday Giving Blog, and Douglas Patinka.

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  1. Check out the One Mango Tree 2010 Diaries - if you're looking for another way to jot down your plans (and still do good). Not the photographic type, but handmade by women artisans in Uganda, with kitenge covers and handmade pineapple fiber paper binding.

    Happy Holidays!
    - Halle

  2. Take a look at the 2010 Project Angel Food calendar 2010 Calendar of Angels
    The imagery selected for this year's Calendar of Angels is taken from Angels: Artists Imagine the Invisible, a book by Arts of the Covenant, a group for visual artists in the San Francisco Bay.
    Project Angel Food's mission is to nourish the body and spirit of men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other life-threatening illnesses.

  3. A great idea for a calendar Britt, providing some marketing for the charity. For Christmas I received a 'Feed 100 Bag'(for shopping), purchased at Whole Foods. What a nice gift! The purchase covers the cost of supplying 100 meals for hungry children through the UN Food Program. I'll remember this for next year.

  4. I like Hope in Shadows calendar by <a href=">Pivot Legal Society</a> in Vancouver, BC.

    "Hope in Shadows is a community project based around a photography contest for residents in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. The prize-winning photos are featured in an annual calendar which residents themselves sell for a profit."

  5. Halle, Holly and Trina - Thanks for sharing more nonprofit calendar ideas!

    Grampa Ken - The FEED bag is indeed a nice gift.


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