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Five Benefits of Starting a Big Vision Circle to Support Your Creative Dream + August 17 Teleclass

Being part of a Big Vision Circle for the past nine years has been an incredibly rich experience.  Each month, the women in my Circle meet to discuss our creative career goals, successes and challenges.  Over the past nine years we've started businesses, written and performed in plays and one-woman shows, found our dream jobs, started blogs, created fabric lines, completed Master's Degrees and fitness coaching certifications, worked abroad, published our stories and poems, and much more!

I'd like to help you start your own Big Vision Circle.  On August 17 at 5:30 PM PT/8:30 PM ET I will be teaching a one-hour teleclass about How to Start a Big Vision Circle to Support Your Creative Dream. You can register for this $10 teleclass on, or click on the Add to Cart button below:

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  The 5 benefits I've gotten out of being a part of a Big Vision Circle have been:
  1. Resources and ideas

    It's really true that two (or more!) heads are better than one.  Whenever I hit an obstacle I can't figure out for myself, at least one person in the group has a name of someone for me to talk to, a book I should read, or a way of looking at the problem that I would never have thought of by myself.

  2. Perspective

    Because the group has gone on for so long, and members usually stay at least 3 years, I have been able to see the cycles of their successes and challenges, and they have seen mine.  We are able to remind each other how far we've each come, and how we've weathered the storms of the past.

  3.  Time to Focus on My Creative Dreams

    My life gets busy, as I'm sure yours does, and it can be hard to take the time to think about and take action on my creative career dreams.  Our monthly meetings force me to make the time to think, and talk about my creative career goals, and to fill out my Big Vision Worksheet.

  4. Accountability

    During our meetings we talk about how we did (or didn't!) do the things we said we would do at the end of the last meeting.  We congratulate each other on our successes and offer support for our challenges.

  5. A Creative Career Community

    Many times when I get together with friends, we end up talking about our relationships (family, love, friends).  Although we do discuss our personal lives in our Big Vision Circle, it's almost always in relationship to our creative careers, which is really refreshing.  On the other hand, our group has also celebrated birthdays, weddings, and the birth of children, as well as provided support during breakups, illnesses, and other challenging life events.
You might be thinking, "I'm not creative," or "I don't have a big vision, so this teleclass isn't for me." Not true!  Anyone who wants to give and get support for making their dreams, and others people's dreams real can benefit from creating a Big Vision Circle, no matter what kind of dreams they might have.

During the teleclass we'll talk about:
  • Why a Big Vision Circle can help you reach your creative career goals.
  • How to find people to join your circle.
  • The pros and cons of virtual vs. face-to-face Big Vision Circles.
  • How to facilitate your Circle.
  • Problem-solving (e.g. What if people stop coming?).
  • Plus, I'll answer your questions about starting your own Big Vision Circle.
To register for this $10 teleclass, go to, or click on the Add to Cart button below.  You will receive the call-in number after you register, and an mp3 recording of the call will be available if you aren’t able to join us live.

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  1. whoo-hoo! Britt, I am so thrilled that you are doing this, and will spread the word...lucky students!
    Our Big Vision Circle has been an incredible force in my life for all the years we've been meeting. I appreciate your "big vision" in instigating it, in keeping us in integrity, and in being such a dynamic resource for us all.

  2. Thanks for being an amazing founding and constant member for the last nine years!!!!

  3. Jennifer@changents.com8:32 AM

    Hi Britt,

    I'm Jen from, a digital storytelling platform that engages audiences through the unfolding stories of Change Agents taking on the world's most urgent issues and helps Change Agents connect to people and organizations that can help propel their initiatives.

    This Big Vision Circle is awesome! I'm excited to learn more about it, really love what you're doing.

    Because of your commitment to social good, I wanted to tell you about a new Give Health campaign we’re launching with P&G’s Children's Safe Drinking Water and female bloggers. We're hoping to use social media and the power of blogs to rally online communities around clean water in hopes we can donate as much clean water as possible to people who need it most!

    I think you'd be a great fit for it - all you have to do is give a blog post!

    Please email me at jennifer at changents dot com and let me know a good time to connect so I can share the details and answer your questions.


  4. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Brilliant idea, brilliant offering. I want a Big Vision Circle! Thank you Britt!


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