Saturday, August 14, 2010

Walking Into 41: A Birthday Reflection Practice

Longtime readers will remember that during the 40 days leading up to my 40th birthday last year, I created a 4-part daily practice of moving, reflecting, playing and connecting

This year, after reading in the article, How to Be Productive: Stop Working, that walking (or other aerobic activity) keeps your mind, as well as your body fit, I've decided to walk into the first 41 days of being 41 with 30-minutes of walking each day, starting on my b-day, August 19th.

The biggest challenge, I think, will be making the time to do it.  I'd love your suggestions for how you make time to exercise, or to do whatever it is that is that nourishes you.

I'd also love any musical suggestions as I create my 30-minute walking playlists (you can see one below in my MixPod mix).

I've collected a few more articles and posts about the benefits of walking on your mind, if you're interested:

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  1. I'm not sure where you live, but before I started hitting the gym I started walking by walking to a train station further from my house. The closest train stop to my house is one block away. I walked to a train stop that was about 15 blocks away on most mornings. If I couldnt do it in the morning, I would do it after work.

    I also walk a bit further to places I need to go by getting off the train at earlier stops. So I need to go to 14th street, I'll get off at 8th street and walk.

    And anything by Beyonce and Lady Gaga should do the trick :)

  2. Hi Alison -

    Great ideas! I know that some of my walking is going to be a mix of reflection and utilitarian - walking to the grocery store, or to the BART.

    I'll have to add some Beyonce and Lady Gaga to my next playlist (:

  3. Anonymous7:33 PM

    One thing that might help you when you don't feel like walking or you think that you don't have time, is to do it because you can! It is a gift to be able to take a brisk, vigorous walk. So many people have limitations and are not able to take a walk, so go for it!
    Mom Aageson

  4. I love this post and practice! Angeles Arrien writes that walking meditation is the meditation of the visionary and I like to add artist to that it creates such a vast open being space for creativity to flourish.

    I love to do it first thing in the morning. Wake, wash, tea, walk. Also, I suggest you change it up once in a while and walk in a park/nature without an ipod to hear the songs of nature and tune to the vibration/frequency of Earth. Amazing presencing and medicine.

  5. Thanks, Mom. Very fun to see your comment here (: Gratitude is a great motivation tool.

    Gabriela - How long do you walk for? One of the reasons I wanted to use an iPod was so I would know when 30 minutes was done, but I guess I could set an alarm on my phone . . . Where does Angeles write about walking meditation, in The Four-Fold Way?

  6. Great idea, Britt! I'm sure I've mentioned that I try to walk almost every day - it really keeps me sane and clear-headed, and the exercise is a bonus. When I'm having trouble justifying it, I will walk to the grocery or to do errands (or in the old days to CP group), because some of the time is off-set by the time I would have spent driving and parking. Sometimes I'll go over "lunch break", or at the end of the day as a way to decompress. When I can cajole Dave into going with me, it's been a fun family date, too.

    I never listen to music because I also justify it to myself as "working" - I think through the challenges I have and try to problem solve. You can go with a friend and get some social time in, and sometimes I catch up on my phone calls, though I try not to be too obnoxious to other walkers.

  7. Hi Jen!

    I actually didn't know that you walk every day. That's impressive. Thanks for all of the good suggestions, too.

    Looking forward to seeing you Friday (:

  8. Hi Britt,
    I think that your idea is so motivational. I am starting as of today for the xx days before my birthday! You do the math and add 2 :) ! Thanks for the inspirational idea.

  9. Hi Britt! Sounds like a good idea for birthday celebration! When I feel like I want to think and mull over some things, I take a walk. Doing it daily for 41 days will surely lead to great insights for you. :)



  10. Liz - You'll have to let me know how your walks go! I've enjoyed mine so far. I've done 30 minutes each day except for one that was shorter 'cause I've had a nasty cold :(

  11. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Love this post! I've been meaning to do something like this (a daily walk, etc.) for a long time now but just never do. I always think I will do it wrong, people will think I'm strange, etc. etc. I know, right? So, thanks for the motivation!

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