Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Leonie Allan of Goddess Guidebook Shares How She Has Fun, Does Good

I hope you all enjoyed the guest post by Marianne Elliott on Tuesday. She shared how she has fun and does good by making over gardens for busy young families. 

Leonie Allan of Goddess Guidebook will be the next guest blogger to share how she has fun and does good.  Goddess Leonie helps you see the goddess inside you.  You can download her latest little offering (for free) here: A Printable Pocket Goddess Gratitude Diary.  Follow her on Twitter at @GoddessLeonie and on Facebook at

The Life is Fun and Good Checklist Leonie Style

I nurture my daughter as lovingly, joyfully and spiritfully as I can.

I create whatever needs to come through me.

I stay inside my own energy and don't bother comparing myself.

I make things with my babe in my lap or in the night as inspiration strikes: meditations, little hand painted soul workbooks + spirit-infused e-courses.

I photograph women as goddesses all around the world

I hold women's circles and sacred retreats where miracles work their way up to the surface of life until it becomes infused and glimmering with them.

I rest when I need to. I visit the cave often.

I make ridiculous gatherings: fairy picnics in abandoned parks, silly soirees in pancake galleries, pink hatted outings to Thai resturants.

I hold The Cheese Awards

And I make joy a transmittable disease.


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