Thursday, October 07, 2010

Your Free, Fun October/November 2010 Big Vision Worksheet

It's that time of the month again, Have Fun Do Gooders.

Today was the new moon, a great day to set your goals, intentions, and wishes for the next lunar month (Oct. 7-Nov. 5).

My hubs illustrated another bee-u-tee-full worksheet that you can download for free from Dropbox here

I hope you'll take a little time for yourself tonight, on your lunch break tomorrow, or during the long weekend to think about, and jot down:

Your Three Big Vision Goals for 2010
What are three things you'd like to accomplish before the end of 2010?

Your 3 Fall Goals (Sept. 23-Dec. 21)
What are three things, related to your 2010 goals, that you'd like to accomplish this fall?

Your 3 October/November Goals (Oct. 7-Nov. 5)
What are three things you'd like to accomplish during this lunar month, related to your fall goals?

For example:
  • One thing I would like to do by the end of 2010 is to have prepared our front yard so that I can plant a larger garden in the spring.  
  • By the end of this fall, I want to have cleared and weeded the whole yard of the tall grasses I've let take it over. 
  • This lunar month, I want to have at least re-weeded the part I originally cleared this summer, as well as harvest all the veggies I've grown.
P.S. As the year winds down, the hubs and I are thinking about the 2011 worksheet series (Should we continue?  If so, how/what should we change about them?).  If you'd like us to continue offering the worksheets, or if you have any suggestions for how to design them to better meet your needs, please let us know.

You can view and download past 2010 Big Vision worksheets here

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  1. Love your blog! So inspirational. Am going back to school and am hoping to start my own non-profit, so I will definitely be coming back to read more. This Vision Worksheet is great - love the tree reaching up into the sky. Will work on the questions this weekend. : )

  2. Thanks, Kif (: Let us know if you have any suggestions for the worksheet in 2011.


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