Friday, March 25, 2011

15 Qualities of 20 Juicy Blogs + a Giveaway

"My takeaways so far: 1. write what I want to read, 2. keep it simple."
- Juicy Blogging e-course student

One of the first homework assignments my Juicy Blogging e-course students have is to share blogs that they think are juicy, like the 20 blogs listed below that my February class recommended:
  1. Cheerio Road: making peace with the laundry, the kitchen, the yard
  2. Colorlines: news for action
  3. decor8: fresh finds for hip spaces
  4. Feministing: young feminists blogging, organizing, kicking ass
  5. Film in the Fridge: modern quilts, clothing, fabric and photos
  6. Finslippy: the life and work of Alice Bradley. 
  7. From Here to Autonomy: an entrepreneur's journey
  8. Gwen Bell: reverberate
  9. mizzFIT: your guide to radiant style and a strong life
  10. Motherlode: adventures in parenting
  11. The Business Yogini: turn the overwhelm of inspiration into action
  12. Ordinary Courage by Brene Brown 
  13. poppytalk: the beautiful, the decayed the handmade
  14. Posie Gets Cozy by Alicia Paulson
  15. Racialicious: the intersection of race and pop culture
  16. Soulemama by Amanda Blake Soule
  17. Spiritual Cowgirl by Sera Beak 
  18. sweet | salty by  Kate Inglis
  19. three highlights: a different way to view each day - around the globe
  20. zen habits: smile, breathe and go slow
Then, they're asked to explain why their favorite blogs are juicy. Below is a list of 15 qualities that draw them into these juicy blogs, and make them go back again and again:
  1. authentic voice
  2. fun 
  3. funny
  4. gorgeous prose
  5. informative
  6. immediately relevant to my life
  7. inspirational
  8. intriguing title
  9. make me think
  10. resources
  11. short
  12. simple
  13. topics I'm interested in
  14. unique voice
  15. visually rich

I'd love to hear what blogs you think are juicy, and why.  Between now and April 25th, when you share your favorite juicy blog picks in the comments, along with why you think they're juicy, you'll be entered into a raffle to win a spot in my next Juicy Blogging E-course (June 1-22, 2011) for yourself, or to give as a gift to someone you love (:

I'm looking looking forward to checking our your recommendations!

Collage, gift wrap and photos by me.

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  1. I love . Her blog is full of tranquilty, fashion, yoga and lots of pink and giggles.

  2. I think, sweet|salty is really sweet and salty. There is fun, it is inspiration, even some posts made me think and some were funny...and is also visally good looking...
    Quite a good blog... I liked it...!

  3. After being laid off, keeping up my blog--a hyphenated life--keeps up my personal and professional esteem. It's so cheerful to have readers from 35 countries and 41 U.S. states. Anyone from Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, or Louisiana can give me a thrill by visiting

    I love this blog/site as its always giving me inspiration. She also has guest bloggers and does podcasts. I particularly enjoy the Wednesday Wishcraft prompts to focus my creative thoughts. Her blog is light & deep at the same time.
    Jacs x

  5. I like fluffy bunnies for the super frank, yet never dull mommy talk. I adore 6512 for the garden and food, poetic language and life views. I must mention Conjuring my Muse because I think she is hysterically funny and tender hearted.

  6. I love Kelly's Korner blog. She is a young, new mom from Arkansas and her blog has such an authentic voice about real life. One of my favorite posts of hers was when she announced on her blog she was pregnant with her first child after struggling with infertility. Writing about her daily life keeps me coming back to see what's up in her world.

  7. Awishcomeclear.word
    I love the realness of her life. She has found a wonderful place to share her life and I think many people will find a soulmate in her.

  8. Two juicy blogs I like: Julia's blog is juicy because she keeps it real and invites the reader into action. She doesn't allow the reader to keep her on the pedestal that fame made for her. Laila's blog is juicy because she combines private and public lives in her writing on mothering and Palestine. That combination brings home the otherwise dense political issues, making them easier to understand in context.

  9. I totally agree with creatingavisiblelife. Kimberly's blog has inspired and uplifted me over the last few years. And I have taken positive actions in my life because of the vision she shares with the world.

    But since that one is taken :) I think one of the 'juciest' blogs around is Danielle Laporte's She has kick-ass views on life, a powerful personality that shines through her words, she speaks with authenticity, authority, humour, passion and inspiration. It would have to be in the top 5 Juicy blogs I've come across.

    And then my blog is a start towards becoming Juicy (it might even make it to the top of my top 5 one day...).

  10. I love RJ from Oklahoma's --Talk about authentic!
    RJ won the first ever Young Sheperd Award from Juniper Moon Fiber Farm with a video (another great blog- and pay-it-forward and CSA business model).
    RJ's reward? A small flock of angora goats, which he traveled to VA to pick up. Inspirational in simplicity and values,
    Plenty of cute lamb and goat pics, plus a streaming lambcam at, too.

  11. I love Zen and the Art of Peacekeeping. It makes me want to be a better person when I read it.

  12. one of my favorite blogs is Jennifer and work in a lot of similar mediums and her work is always so happy, bright, fun and funky!
    another recent favorite blog that I just came across is where there are lots of inspirational posts, awesome paintings, and motivational words :)

  13. Definitely Jamie Ridler Studios.
    Her blog is uplifting, supportive, and creative.

  14. It feels like cheating to even nominate Danielle LaPorte's blog ( but her words are like a spear of motivation: direct, sharp, and meaningful.

  15. A big thanks to everyone who submitted their favorite juicy blogs. Using Tara's Random Number Generator I picked 2 winning commenters: Janet Foley Orosz of Navigate Lupus Fog, and Sandi Davis of Luscious Life. Both will receive a free spot in my upcoming Juicy Blogging e-course. Congratulations!

    You can see the full list of juicy blogs you recommended at

    If you want to join the Juicy Blogging e-course, it's an investment of $75 if you register before May 25th, and $100 after that, so don't wait to sign up!


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