Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Call for Submissions: What Are Your Best Time Management Tips?

I’m hosting the July Nonprofit Blog Carnival.  On July 28th, I'll feature links and summaries to some of the best submissions. I hope you'll submit your post for consideration!

Whether I'm talking with a nonprofit staffer, or a fellow nonprofit consultant, the topic of time always comes up.  They'd like more time for:
  • Designing a strategic plan
  • Using social media
  • Creative thinking
  • Reflection and assessment
  • Community building
  • Professional development 
  • A personal life/vacation
  • _________________ (fill in the blank)

As nonprofit staffers and nonprofit consultants, we have lots of ideas about how we can serve our causes, and create a sustainable work life, but if we can't figure out how to work with our relationship to time, we can't actualize all of our great ideas.

I'd love to hear your time management tips for nonprofits and nonprofit consultants.  How do we get more of what we want to do done, and less of what we don't?

Please share your time management tips by July 26th!

For bloggers: You can enter your submission in one of two ways.
  • Fill out the carnival form here 
  • Email a link to your post to nonprofitcarnival (at) gmail.com
For others: Share your time management tips in the comments of this post.

UPDATE: You can see the roundup of submissions in the post, Oodles of Time Managment Tips: July Nonprofit Blog  Carnival Round-Up.

Image credit: 500 years of democracy and peace uploaded to Flickr by Paul Downey.

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  1. Anonymous9:32 PM

    I didn't receive a response to my email, so I wanted to make sure you saw my post!



  2. Hi Chapin ~ Yup, I received your post. Thank you!

  3. Hi Britt, As a lifelong volunteer and business person, I recently developed The Cause Project (www.causeproject.com); a platform where business world management meets non-profit world. The Cause Project is a project management platform built specifically for non-profit organizations and charitable causes. Check out the time saving capabilities on this youtube.http://youtu.be/8XRHRAivgfU. Thanks, Karen


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