Friday, June 03, 2011

Friday Fun Links: Social Good, Vegan Pie, Thimble List and Creative Entrepreneurs

A list of some of the people, things, and events that inspired me, or added fun to my week.

1. I love this piece, Believe in the Future, by Jen Lemen.  You can order if from her Etsy Store, thisismyhopefulworld.

2. I caught up on the Social Good Podcast hosted by Allison Fine while cooking dinner this week. I especially liked her show about The Connection Between Groupon and Charity.

3. I'm looking forward to watching new episodes of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution starting tonight on ABC (9/8c).  You can watch back episodes on Hulu.

4. I'm very, very excited that  Vegan Pie in the Sky: 75 Out-of-This-World Recipes for Pies, Tarts, Cobblers, and More by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero is coming out in October.  Can't wait!

5. Loved Jennifer Louden's post, Bucket List Got You Down? Try a Thimble List.

6. Laughed, and felt sad watching the Jeremy Irons narrated 4-minute "documentary" about The Majestic Plastic Bag.

7. Excited that Issue Two of the NTEN: Change (A Quarterly Journal for Nonprofit Leaders) is out. Subscriptions are free! (Full disclosure: I am on the Editorial Board).

8. Posted an interview with Kim Rosen, author of Saved by a Poem, on the Arts and Healing Podcast.  I'm looking forward to interviewing Susannah Conway next week for the July show.

9. Happy to do shout outs for two creative wonder women's creative classes:

Jennifer Lee's Right Brain Business Plan e-Course is coming up June 13-August 5.  Taking this course really helped me clarify my business plan in a super fun, creative, and visual way.

Lisa Sonora Beam's The Creative Entrepreneur reTREAT: A Mixed-Media Creativity Retreat to Jumpstart or Restart your Creative Dream is happening August 1-7 at Pine Manor Retreat Center in Lake Elsinore, CA.  I took a visual journaling class with Lisa last May. It was awesome! Full disclosure: I am an affiliate of Jennifer  and Lisa's workshops

What people, things, and events inspired you, or added fun to your week?

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  1. Fun-loving, do-gooders does wonders for the immune system: our first defence in the fight against cancer and other diseases:

  2. Nice posts Britt - just a note for everybody - I'm networking do gooders who are into healthcare reform...we need lots of us to make a healthier America! (It's definitely more fun in a network)


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