Friday, February 16, 2007

MyBLOC.Net & Future 5000: Social Networks for Youth Activists & Organizers

The January/February issue of Colorlines has named ibrahim abdul-matin, the Technology Organizer for the Movement Strategy Center, as an Innovator of 2007. Thirty-year-old matin is helping to develop a new social networking site for youth activists, MyBLOC.Net.

From the article:

Aside from a new place to post your profile, is set up to host self-selecting groups, create alumni circles to provide long-term connection between participants at a training or conference and individually tailor learning circles to strategize on particular issues or campaigns on your block, or globally. The site connects individuals to organizations, and to each other, as well.

The site will launch publicly this spring. You can read ibrahim's blog here.

In 2002, an awesome directory of youth activist organizations was published called the Future 500. Five years later, the Generational Alliance has created a searchable online directory and networking site called the Future 5000.

From the site:

Built from the ground up by dedicated youth organizers, Future 5000 will evolve to meet the needs of organizers, not just as an online directory, but truly as an instrumental vehicle engineered to maximize resource and information sharing between youth organizations. . . . While it can serve as a directory, organizers will also be able to share strategies, tools, stories, and even visuals in one central place. You can search for groups with similar missions (across the street or across the country) and begin/continue to forge powerful relationships. You’ll also be able to post campaigns, create coalitions, show organizational relationships, and share resources needed and available with other organizations. In it’s simplest form, Future 5000 is powerful—because you are.

Oooh. I just got goosebumps.

Logo from Future 5000's MySpace page.

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