Thursday, April 16, 2009

Be Bold Podcast: Create a Career with Impact Episode 9

A new episode of Echoing Green's Be Bold Podcast: Create a Career with Impact is up for your listening pleasure. Lara Galinsky, the Senior Vice President of Echoing Green offers advice for 2 listeners' questions (below) about creating careers with impact. I'm the show's host.

You can listen to the show online on Echoing Green, subscribe via iTunes, or listen to it on the little player below.

Question 1.
What professional resources (i.e., legal, marketing, accounting, etc.) are available to take an idea, which has received great reviews from various constituencies that I have discussed it with, from the concept stage to fruition while running a small commercial business with its daily responsibilities? Are there consultants available and, if so, how do they get compensated and how is the concept properly protected?

Question 2. When thinking about my future and what programs of higher level education will best prepare me to make the impact I want to make, I get really caught up in how long it's going to take. I get frustrated thinking about the time it takes, when really all I want to do is start NOW. Move now, and start working now to make people's lives more comfortable, and to help more children survive into adolescent and adult years. However, I know that educational preparation is important to fully realizing my goals.

Medical school takes years, and an MD/PhD program can take 8 years or more. I plan to apply for a Fulbright grant for personal research after my senior year to help me get a better idea about what my part should be in the greater scheme of things--but this sets me back a year, and I'm already behind a year because of other exciting opportunities I've taken. What can I do to start making my impact now, while I'm pursuing graduate level education (and will be strapped for cash and therefore unable to contribute financially to programs I support).

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