Friday, November 12, 2010

Ten Tips for ChangeWriter Blogging Success

Tomorrow I'll be speaking about Blogging for ChangeWriters at the 2010 Writing for Change Conference in San Francisco.  I'll be showing examples of "changewriter" blogs and sharing Ten Tips for ChangeWriter Blogging Success.

I've included the list of blogs below and my presentation above, for folks who are interested.  Also, as Have Fun Do Good readers, you're welcome to use the special discount code (writersblog) at the end of the PowerPoint for $25 off a one-hour blog coaching session (by phone) with me :)

Examples of ChangeWriter blogs
  1. Farmer Jane
  2. Big Green Purse
  3. Katya's Nonprofit Marketing Blog
  4. A. Fine Blog
  5. Take a Bite Out of Climate Change
  6. The Kind Life
  7. The Happiness Project
  8. Karen Maezen Miller's Cheerio Road
  9. Operation Beautiful
  10. Secret Agent L
  11. Slow Family Living
  12. Fake Plastic Fish
  13. Green LA Girl

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  1. I was in the audience. Great talk and tips! Plus your enthusiasm is infectious. Thanks, Britt. Hope to have my own blog up soon.

  2. Hi Britt,
    Found your blog recently after deciding to start a Do-Good blog off my own for a Communications class that I'm taking at the University of Washington. This presentation was really helpful - thanks or posting it!

  3. Hi Chris and Carrie ~

    I'm so glad you found the talk/powerpoint helpful (:

  4. Britt, thanks so much for including my blog on your list - high honor indeed! And thanks for your leadership and guidance over the years in this area.



  5. Thank *you* for all the good work you do, Allison.


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