Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Allison Jones, Millennial Leader: How I Have Fun, Do Good

 Good morning, Have Fun Do Gooders!  Welcome to the third week of my series of guest posts by bloggers sharing how they have fun and do good.

My seventh guest blogger is Allison Jones.  Allison is a Brooklyn based blogger and advocate for education equality and millennial leadership in public service.  You can find her on twitter @ajlovesya, on facebook, or visit her at allisonj.org 

Allison Jones, Millennial Leader: How I Have Fun, Do Good

How do I have fun and do good? 

I invite people along for the ride.

A group of us touring, studying, and volunteering in Cape Town, South Africa
Seriously!  Most people have a cause they are passionate about--they just don't know where to begin.  So I'm a bit of an investigator--I ask them questions about what they love, what they do, and what they would like to do. 

How is this fun?  Seeing people realize that they can do good no matter where they are is a blessing.  When people realize that change isn't something only special people can do, or that taking action doesn't look one way, it brings them closer to getting involved, and that gets me pumped.

From there, we build communities of people who care.  Of course, there will always be tension, but when we get involved with the world around us, we start having more meaningful conversations and pushing ourselves.  I have fun and do good by living as though everyone wants to have fun and do good.

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