Friday, November 19, 2010

7 Ways to Have Fun and Do Good

Last week I finished my month-long  Have Fun, Do Good series where 12 bloggers shared how they have fun and do good.  My main takeaway from their rainbow of stories is that there are *so* many ways to have fun and do good.   

I've narrowed it down to 7 ways to have fun and do good, that can be mixed and matched:

  1. Personal choices (e.g. what you eat or buy)
  2. Self-expression and art 
  3. Volunteering time
  4. Donating money
  5. Working for a nonprofit, social enterprise, or socially responsible business
  6. Creating your own nonprofit, social enterprise, or socially responsible business
  7. Facilitating other people finding their have fun and do good
Even though all of the contributors have fun and do good in different ways, the theme that ran through all of their posts was Joy.  Although theory, strategy, data, or intellect may have provided the impetus, or foundation for how they have fun and do good, Joy is their fuel.

I've done a final round-up of their posts below, in case you missed any. You might also want to try my How to Find Your Have Fun, Do Good exercise to help you create a list of ways you can have fun and do good.

     With a group of mom-friends in St. Johns — my North Portland,
    Oregon, neighborhood — I've been working this year on a new, all-volunteer mentoring program for local teen parents.- Amy Potthast,

    Make it interesting. . . .Make it shareable.

    -Amy Sample Ward, 

    invite people along for the ride.
    -Allison Jones,

    Yes, trying to protect the planet from plastic pollution and inspire others to cut their plastic consumption can be hard. But it’s also fun.
    -Beth Terry, Fake Plastic Fish

    The single most important way I have fun and do good is all about what I don’t do: I don’t consume animal products.

    - Elisa Camahort Page, BlogHer


    It is my absolute honor to help people find pieces of peace within, while outwardly expressing this life process though dance with our bodies.
    - Heather Meyer, Work It Out!


    I became committed to using my prints on organic cotton.
    -Jennifer Moore, Monaluna Designs


    I act like a fan . . . I consider myself a teacher . . . I strive to be a perpetual student.
    Katya Andresen, Network for Good

    When I started Tranquil Space in my living room in 1999, creating a socially conscious business was always my intention.
    -Kimberly Wilson, Tranquility du Jour


    I make joy a transmittable disease.
    -Leonie Allan, Goddess Guidebook

    Buy art from artists. In your neighborhood...and all around the world!
    -Lisa Sonora Beam,

    One of my favorite ways to do good and have fun is to get together a group of friends to do a garden make-over for a busy young family.
    -Marianne Elliott, Zen Peacekeeper

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    1. Hi Britt!

      What an honor to be included in such an inspiring group of women! Some I am so pleased to personally, the others I look forward to meeting one day, either virtually or in person.

      And I just love this idea for a guest post series...I'm going to have to think up a way to adapt it for my Creative Entrepreneur blog. xoxo

    2. Love the insight of all the different bloggers! It's nice to see all the different perspectives.

    3. Thanks for being a part of the series, Lisa, and thanks for reading Amey!

    4. Thanks for sharing this- I love volunteering and looking good while doing it!

      Great post!

      xo Emily

    5. Yay! So glad you liked it, Emily.


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