Friday, April 13, 2012

What Are Easy Ways to Be Generous Every Day?

"Being generous or kind to oneself and to others can help.  During times of sorrow and suffering, the heart becomes more open than usual. Creating the conditions for generosity to arise can help the heart open in a powerful way." 

The quote above is an answer to my question, "How do you ride the waves of challenge?" from my friend, Noel.

So wise.

I'd like to create a list of easy ways to be generous each day that I can use as touchstones, and of course, I'll share them with you, so that you can use them too.

Will you help me create the list?

Please share your ideas for easy ways to be generous every day in the comments of this post, on Facebook, or on Twitter (I'm @bbravo).  If you're shy about sharing your ideas publicly, you can email me at britt at brittbravo dot com, as long as it's OK for me to share your ideas (anonymously, or course) in the final list.



  1. Service: In serving another, a child, a neighbor, a friend, etc, with anything, without expectation of return is a simple way to generate generosity.

    Additionally, my simple favorite is being generous with LOVE...eye contact, authentic smile, asking "How are you?" and really listening to response...generous with affection, with kindness, with energy.
    Love you, thanks for asking.

  2. Go to to start your day. Really nice to help others, and set your day's intention.

  3. Make an effort to say nice things to people about them, let them know you notice. It's easy and it can make someone's day

  4. Thank you for all of these wonderful suggestions Gabriela, bpt and Tat @ Mum.


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