Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Amy Kessel, Unfurling: How I Have Fun, Do Good

 I'm starting the Have Fun, Do Good guest post series up again!  My first guest blogger is the lovely Amy Kessel.  Amy is a certified life coach devoted to helping women unfurl into their authentic selves. You can learn more about her work at, and connect with her on Twitter at @AmyKesselcpc

My favorite way of expressing myself is to spend time deeply connecting with other women. Lucky for me, I turned this into a career. As a life coach, I welcome what my clients want to expose to the light, and together we explore the learning that comes out of it.

I feel most alive when I’m in the place of deeply witnessing another person. This is how I provide service, and it energizes me in huge and profound ways. When I trace back the main themes in my life and within my career, I see that I have always found way to step into the role of witness, whether formally or improvised. It’s what I love most. It’s also what I do best.

I recently created an interview series on my blog called Unfurling, where I conduct interviews with women and record them as videos. The interviews give each woman a chance to explore what’s unfurling in her right now, and to fall in love with that unfurling a bit more.

While I had a hunch that this was a cool idea that others might appreciate, I had no idea how joyful this would be for me.

The interviews all contain the same five questions. From there, the fun begins! The women who play along unfailingly delight me, and our conversations take twists and turns. This doesn’t mean each interview is full of giggles and slapstick (though some are) … it’s the spontaneity and improvisation that creates magic in the moment.

As the willing witness, I point out what I see and ask questions to bring out what isn’t being said in words. I reflect back what I’m hearing. I wonder about implications.

The interviews are powerful both for the woman answering the questions and for the rest of us. The feedback I’m receiving on this series is extraordinary. We’re all unfurling in some way, and the questions I ask lead the viewer to think about what newness is coming alive in her right now.

In this way, I’m sowing the seeds for others to consider what’s unfurling in them, and to notice how it brings them more fully alive. This is powerfully good stuff.


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