Thursday, January 18, 2007

Celeb Charity Badges Help Raise Money

How many people watched the Golden Globe Awards? Me! I know it's silly, but like many Americans, I love to watch the celebs, and like to follow their do-good escapades on E! and Ecorazzi.

Now Network for Good, AOL, Entertainment Weekly and Kevin Bacon have launched a new site called Six Degrees that allows fans to support their celeb's favorite charities. Each star created a badge that describes the charity they support, and has a button that links directly to the organization's donation page on Network for Good, like the one below by Colin Firth. He is supporting Oxfam's Fair Trade campaign.

You can either choose a celebrity badge to put on your blog or web site, or you can create your own badge for the cause of your choice.

Looks like you're going to be able to bid on celebrity swag too.

As of this writing, $50,650.00 has been raised.

via E! News


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