Thursday, January 11, 2007

TransFair USA Gives a Look Behind the Label, with a Blog

The nonprofit, TransFair USA, is one of twenty members of Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International, the only third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the United States, and a three-time winner of Fast Company Magazine’s Social Capitalist awards. Last week they started a blog, Fair Trade Certified. It looks like their main blogger will be Dave Rochlin, COO of TransFair USA.

His first post, "A Fair Trade blog . . . So Why Now?", encapsulates why a blog can be a powerful tool for a nonprofit:

TransFair USA’s team, and our counterparts in the Fair Trade Labelling Organization, log thousands of miles and hours working with growers, meeting with co-ops, coordinating with NGOs, attending industry events, addressing production issues, and working on supply chains with our licensees in order to create a trusted system which truly empowers small farmers as competitors in the global market, and helps them build a future for their family and communities. . . . So why start blogging? We decided that since we're more than just a label, it would make sense to let you see what's behind it [emphasis mine].
Image via TransFair USA.

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