Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Join the Mouth Revolution: If It Isn't Real, Spit Out Your Meal.

"Ears of the world, hear me. We the mouths are demanding real food, real ingredients. As gateways to the human body, we recognize our solemn duty to keep the garbage out. For too long, we have ceded this power to the brains, who have done a lousy job. So we, the mouths, are staging an international shut up until all of our needs are met. Today, the MouthaluciĆ³n begins!"
So begins the latest online video campaign, The Mouth Revolution, by Free Range Studios in partnership with Annie's Homegrown (you probably know them from their mac n' cheese). To watch the video go to

You can also check out the Mouth Revolution blog, upload a photo of your mouth to the Mouths of the Revolution Gallery, and post a banner on your web site or blog.

If you want to join the Mouth Revolution, here is the Mouthifesto: The Declaration of Indigestion along with actions that the campaign recommends.

* No Trans Fats
"Several scientific studies show evidence that consuming trans fats increases the risk of developing coronary heart disease (CHD). Like saturated fat and dietary cholesterol, trans fat raises LDL cholesterol (the 'bad cholesterol'), which causes major clogging of the arteries."

Action: Sign petition to eliminate partially hydrogenated vegetable oil from America's food suply.
* No GMOs
"The industry of genetic modification is still very young, and few studies have been conducted to examine the effects of these organisms on human health."

Action: Tell Congress that the GMO's must be labeled if they are going to be in our food supply.
* No Chemical Pesticides
"While it is difficult to prove a direct relationship between a specific pesticide exposure and individual diseases, many scientists have concluded that the release of pesticides into the environment poses risks to both human health and ecosystems."

Action: Eat organic food and sign Pesticide Action Network's (PANNA) petition to ban chlorpyrifos.
* No Artificial Anything
"While research is largely inconclusive, there has been some evidence that additives may cause diseases or discomfort."

Action: Sign the U.S. Food Agenda 2010 petition at the Organic Consumers Association's Food Safety and Health Resource Center.

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  1. I think slowly that is where were headed, even mcdonalds is banning trans fats I hear. Not that I eat there much.

    I'm all for healthier food! :)


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